About the GSN Symposium

The Geological Society of Nevada will host its eighth symposium May 12-24th, 2020, in the scenic Reno/Lake Tahoe region of northern Nevada. Symposia are held every five years and draw an international audience from the minerals industry, government, and universities. GSN symposia are the preeminent regional venue combining geology and exploration in the U.S. The 2020 theme, Vision for Discovery, emphasizes the goal of science to explore and make new discoveries in the Basin and Range province.

Technical Sessions

Monday, May 18th

Concurrent Session 1 Concurrent Session 2
Opening Remarks
Keynote: Eric Seedorff: “Geometry and Evolution of Normal Faults Formed During Lithospheric Extension of Continents, with Applications to Cordilleran Metamorphic Core Complexes” – Nugget 1/2
Session 1. Cordilleran Geology & TectonicsNugget 1/2
Coffee Break
Session 2. Basin & Range Roundup I (Nevada) (USGS/State Surveys)Nugget 1/2 Session 26. Renewable Resources: Geothermal – Cascade 2
Lunch Break (Keynote: Keith Meldahl: “Hard Road West – History and Geology along the Gold Rush Trail”) – Celebrity Showroom
Session 4A. Basin and Range Roundup II (Utah)Nugget 1/2 Session 3A. Maps and MappingCascade 2
Combined Coffee Break & Posters/Core Shack
Chuck Thorman Talk: “Basin & Range Geology: Evolution of Thinking from 1920 to 2020” (Open to all) – Nugget 1/2

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