Thanks to our Field Trip Chairs, Kristen Benchley and Joe Kizis, for organizing five successful field trips in conjunction with the GSN 2022 Symposium!  The feedback from the attendees has been very positive.  We also want to recognize all of the Field Trip Leaders who volunteered their time to head up the trips.  Without these individuals, the GSN would not be able to offer field trips to attendees, so THANK YOU ALL!

Pre-Meeting Trips

FT#5: Epithermal Deposits of the Walker Lane, Nevada (4 days – April 28-May 1, 2022)


Elliott Crist

Joe Kizis



Crown area (Daisy, Secret Pass, SNA)



N. Bullfrog

Exploration in the central portion of the Walker Lane has been hot in recent years. This field trip will examine the relationships between low-sulfidation, high-sulfidation, and sediment-hosted disseminated gold/silver deposits. Detachment tectonics will add some spice to  this fascinating brew of deposits.

FT#4: Seismic Hazards & Evolving Landscapes, Reno-Carson-Tahoe Area (1 day – Sunday, May 1, 2022)


Rich Koehler

James McNeil, Student


Petersen Mountain fault along Red Rock Road

Warm Springs Valley fault in the southern Honey Lake basin

This field trip will focus on research on the relative activity of earthquake faults in the northern Walker Lane, near Reno, Nevada. The northern Walker Lane accommodates approximately 7 mm per year of right-lateral shear and contains numerous active faults capable of producing large earthquakes. Several recent paleoseimic studies have been completed in this area and have included mapping of Quaternary deposits and fault scarps, subsurface trenching, and geochronologic analyses on faulted deposits. We will visit several of the paleoseismic sites and discuss the geomorphic expression of active fault traces, the number and timing of paleo-earthquakes, and implications to seismic hazards assessment in the Reno area.

Post-Meeting Trips

FT#1: Epithermal Deposits of Northern Nevada & Southwestern Idaho (May 5-8, 2022)


Justin Milliard

Luke Schranz

Robert Selwood


DeLamar (Idaho)



Brady’s Hot Spring

This field trip will examine several epithermal precious-metal deposits located along mid-Miocene rifts in northern Nevada and southwestern Idaho. The focus of the trip will be on deposit characteristics, hot rocks, genesis and exploration criteria, including the subtle expressions of the upper portions of bonanza ore shoots. Overviews of mid-Tertiary geology and controls on deposit formation will be discussed at visits to DeLamar, Sandman and Goldbanks, and complimented by evening talks on Katey, Fire Creek and the Northern Nevada Rift. Additionally, the field trip will look at late Tertiary faulting and geothermal activity, and its relationship to understanding epithermal systems by examining the geologic setting at Rye Patch and Bradys. This trip is designed for experienced geologist, mining engineers, and other seeking to learn about gold-silver deposits associated extensional tectonics and volcanic activity.

FT#3: The Famous Comstock Gold & Silver District (Lecture May 5th afternoon, 1 day – Friday, May 6th)


Don Hudson


Virginia City Epithermal district

This one day trip will explore the complex geologic setting of one of the richest epithermal districts in the U.S. The trip will consider the characteristics of several superimposed hydrothermal systems in the Virginia City area near Reno.


FT#6: Carlin and Associated Gold Deposits of Northern Nevada (May 5-8, 2022)


David Rhys

Allie Ingels

Franck Valli


Twin Creeks

Turquoise Ridge

i80 Gold core shed

Marigold surface

Carlin Trend surface tour & drill core review

Visiting some of the largest classic Carlin districts and distal-disseminated style gold deposits, this trip will provide a view of the geology, mineralization styles, and structural controls on the giant, Eocene age, world-class sediment-hosted mineralizing systems of the northern Great Basin.