Chuck has spent much of his career in the Basin and Range, beginning in 1959-1962 on his thesis in the Wood Hills and northern Pequops. From there he went with Humble Oil, where he was their structural geologist in southern Oklahoma in the Ardmore-Anadarko Basins. He then taught for six years before ending up with the USGS in Liberia, Brazil, and the Western U.S. (mostly in AZ, N.M., UT, and NV) from 1971 to 1995. Since retiring from the USGS in 1995, he has remained as a Scientist Emeritus. His first love is field work, for that is the source of all of the basic data that the rest of geologic disciplines rely on for their endeavors. Geology is a fantastic detective story, and he has found it to be what keeps him enjoying life. That plus all of the wonderful friendships that have developed as a result of working in/enjoying this wonderful science. What more can one ask for?