John Prochnau is a mining engineer and geologist with degrees from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, and McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Early in his professional career John Prochnau held management positions with Selection Trust Limited of London, where he was responsible for the Company’s operations in the United States, including the discovery and development of the Alligator Ridge gold mine in Nevada, and Billiton International Metals of The Hague, Netherlands, where he organized and was responsible for the Company’s metals exploration and development in Ireland.

Since 1984 Mr. Prochnau has operated independently through his international consultancy and a number of syndicates, private and public companies of which he has been a founder and principal. During this period he has been involved with the discovery or identification, acquisition, and development of a number of gold and base metal mine projects throughout the world.

Mr. Prochnau founded Brancote Holdings PLC in 1990 which became one of six inaugural companies admitted to London’s AIM stock exchange in 1995. Brancote was an early practitioner of what is now characterized the project generator operating model and during the 1990’s controlled over fifty mineral projects in North and South America, Europe, Australia and South Asia, joint-ventured and funded by industry partners. Brancote developed the Mt. Cuthbert copper mine in Australia in 1996 and discovered the Esquel gold project in Argentina in 1997 which was the basis for sale of the Company to Meridian Gold in 2002 in what, at the time, was one of the largest financial transactions on the AIM market.

Mr. Prochnau is currently active largely in the southeast United States and Ireland.