Warren Day,



The goal of the new USGS Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI) is to improve our knowledge of the geologic framework for areas that have the potential to contain undiscovered critical mineral resources. Enhancement of our domestic mineral supply will decrease our reliance on foreign sources of minerals that are fundamental to the Nation’s security and economy. This session will introduce the USGS response to the government-wide critical minerals effort, review the types of new data being generated, how mineral systems approach helps delineate focus areas for new data acquisition, and present an example of USGS-funded research on lithium resources in the Great Basin. A panel discussion will elicit audience input on the approach and types of data the USGS is acquiring through Earth MRI.

Time: 85 Minutes

5 talks @ ~10 minutes (~60 minutes) with 25-minute round table open discussion with audience participation.


Panel Members and Topics

Tom Crafford

  • The “all of government” critical minerals effort and how the USGS fits into the larger picture. How MRP is addressing the knowledge gaps through Earth MRI and MRP-funded CM research.

Warren Day

  • Overview of the USGS Earth MRI Program

Al Hofstra

  • Mineral systems approach to helping define focus areas with potential for critical minerals

Jane Hammarstrom

  • Defining focus areas for mapping critical mineral resources across the Nation

Lisa Stilings

  • Example of USGS research on critical minerals: Lithium projects in Great Basin