Mike Ressel,

Eric Seedorff,



This session addresses the wide variety of hydrothermal mineral deposits directly associated with intrusive processes



Majuba Hill Copper Porphyry: Copper Production in Nevada-Now and in the Future – Buster Hunsaker

The Great Basin Prophyry Molybdenu Province – Roger Steininger

Willow Cu-Mo Project, Buckskin Range, Douglas County, Nevada: On the Trail of the Fifith Yerington Porphyry Deposit – Brock Reidell

Magmatism, Hypogene, and Supergene Mineralization Characteristics of the Lone Star Porphyry Copper Deposit, Safford District, Arizona – Ralph Stegen

Oligocene, intrusion-related, sediment-hosted gold mineralization of the Fondaway Canyon district, Nevada – Jake Margolis